Nearu Kamani


  • Present 2012

    NEARU Martial Arts

    I have been training in a kind of martial arts called NEARU, since 2012.

    Goals of NEARU:
    • Increases physical fitness & self confidence
    • Achieves harmony of body & mind
    • Teaches defence of body & mind
    • Enables one to reach Inner peace & unleash the inner power of the individual's soul
    • Teaches the art of breathing which has long been forgotten due to the modern way of life
    My current level: Purple Beltimage
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  • Present 2009


    I love classical music and I have been playing the violin since 2009. Music, in particular classical music, makes me relaxed and calm.

    My violin class is in Pars School of Music with a talented musician named Hamed Kermani who is a member of Tehran Symphony Orchestra.

    I am also passionate about the Piano and Oboe.